Deatrice Smith

Deatrice Smith has always had a passion for educating young children. She began her career as a teacher at Loop Learning Center in 2003.  For nine years she enthusiastically nurtured and educated the children she worked with. She stands firmly on her philosophy that in order to learn, children must be in an appropriate environment, where they are safe and comfortable, have rich experiences that allow them to explore and discover and have relationships that create a sense of belonging and trust

Deatrice, felt strongly about being an expert in Early Childhood Education. She was determined to pursue her education, while being a single mom.  Over the years, while working as a teacher, Deatrice has obtained both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Deatrice currently holds an Illinois Professional Educator License, as well as a Level 5 Infant Toddler Credential, Level 5 Early Childhood Education Credential, and a Level 2 Illinois Director Credential.

Deatrice is now the Assistant Director and Infant Toddler Specialist at Loop Learning Center. She accepted the opportunity to take her passion beyond the classroom and to increase her impact by working with the teachers to ensure that all children at Loop Learning Center receive quality care and education. Deatrice continues to build her knowledge in this field and is currently training to be certified on the Program for Infant & Toddler Care (PITC). With such a wide range of knowledge and credentials, Deatrice is free to exercise her passion with students, teachers and families.

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